Kanan St.Rose (Hybrid Media Consulting)


Kanan St.Rose

I'm a hybrid photographer, located in St.Marys Georgia that specializes in portrait photography, videography, and website design services for my clients. The combination of these skill set provides a valuable resource for small business and large organizations, that desire to be competitive in today's ever-changing social media and e-commerce environments.

I pray that God continuously teaches me to be quick to listen and slow to speak...
— The Bible


Awesome professional services. Very knowledgeable about the equipment he uses and has a sincere passion for the quality work he provides!
— Nancy Todd
Very talented at what he does! Highly recommended
— Johnny Rodgers
Awesome photographer, great attention to detail and professionalism. Always my first choice for photography and web designing.
— Tameika Newsome
15 years in business and I have turned away many that have tried to talk me into exactly what he has done for me.....
— Angela Theis Alaska Bushcutters
“Kanan was such a professional but yet personable! He came on time and prepared! I will definitely be using Hybrid Media for future events! AND the video came out AMAZING”
— Monie Kenney Kindred Divas