Digital Signage Advertising provides a modern approach to advertising your small business. Your small business ads are prominently displayed on a 32" or 43" screens at local St. Marys GA businesses lobbies or common areas. Locations are pre-selected based on high visibility traffic. Ads can be changed or updated remotely via the cloud, which in turn allows your ads to reflect new promotions or on going sales. In today's competitive market advertising not only needs to be affordable but also be effective. Hybrid Media Consulting shares those concerns, and as a result, we have an advertising model that ensures value for your small business advertising dollars.

Watch  Digital Signage In Action 


Active Locations St.Marys/Kingsland Georgia


Advertising Prices 

  • ($180.00) for 6 months of advertising for single location

  • ($250.00) for 6 months two locations

  • ($400.00) for 6 months three locations

  • $40.00 Month to Month (no contract)

  • Total 4 minutes of Advertising per Hour

  • Contact Us for more information about pricing for custom made Video & Photo Ads

  • Hosted Digital Signage Locations are provided with all necessary hardware

Hosted Locations

  • Hosted Digital Signage locations are selected for high foot traffic and high visibility

  • Hosted locations are provided are provided with all necessary hardware

  • There is No set up cost for hosted locations

  • Minimum 6 month contracts is required per locations

  • $20.00 dollars monthly service