Sony Rx100 Cyber Shot Review

Sony Rx100 

Sony Rx100 

20.2 megapixels

Large 1" Exmor™ CMOS sensor

F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with control ring

3.6x zoom 

P/A/S/M modes JPEG and RAW image capture Full HD 1080/60p video with manual control

 Big Things in a Small Package 

Sony Rx100 is the is probably the best point and shoot camera that I have used to date. Even though this particular model is generation 1 of Sony's amazing Rx100 series,it is still a very capable camera none the less.

Quite often I would find myself in need of smaller more compact camera.I know what you're  probably thinking..Why not just use my smartphone? In most situations smartphones are capable of taking some incredible photos. Unfortunately smartphones also have difficulty,when it comes to taking photos in low light,or scenarios involving a fast moving child accompanied by poor lighting. Higher end smartphones are usually more capable of producing good consistent photos. But even then you're at the mercy of the camera phones automatic settings to determine proper exposure,shutter speed etc. Which more often leads to numerous attempts to capture a decent photo. Again I'm not out to bashing smart phone photography. For most part smartphones will take great photos when there is adequate amount of light. It's just important to remember to bring the right tool for the right job. 

It's quite common today to be more concerned with capturing the moment with little or no regard to the quality photos. Social media websites have played a major role in perpetuating this perspective. Keep in mind that ten years from now that good enough cell phone photo may be the only photo that you may have to recall that special or memorable moment in time. Camera phones a play a major role in terms of bringing the awareness of digital photography to the average person.There was a time when a digital camera was quite expensive and it was not a commodity like we see today. Camera phones came along and changed the landscape of photography and in my opinion they are today's entry level camera. Some may argue that Cannon t2i would be a proper entry level camera but,I say what ever camera you have,if it motivates you to take photos and drives you to want take better photos with better gear,then to me that is the definition of an entry level camera. How ever their are still lots of advantages to having a traditional camera.I believe the Sony Rx100 is a prime example of what traditional style camera can do.Now with that said unto the review...

Sony Rx100

The Sony Rx100 20 megapixels camera combined with a F1.8-4.9 aperture lens accompanied by 1"Exmor CMOS sensor.So what does all that mean? Simply put this camera is capable taking very nice low light photos,with a sensor that capable of producing excellent photos with lots of detail.One of the many cool features on the Rx100 is it's pop up bounce flash. I'm usually not big fan of flash on small point shoot cameras but having the ability to redirect the flash to add an even amount fill light to your photos when flash is needed.The Rx100 also equipped with focus peaking which highlights areas subject matter that are in focus.The Rx100 also capable of producing Raw photos for the more serious photography enthusiasts.When comes to video this camera is no slouch boasting 1080p @ 60p 28mbps AVCHD,60i 24mbps,17mbps. In closing if you're in the market for a excellent point & shoot camera,the  Sony Rx100 is a excellent choice for beginners and photography enthusiasts alike.

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