What Determines A Professional Photo Shoot?

Source: PetaPixel

I'm wondering if any other local photographers have run into this issue here in the Fairbanks Alaska? The only time that I've personally encountered  this situation was a few years ago when I was at the UAF Campus Museum.Some friends of mine were about to get married and wanted some candid photos taken for their wedding invitations.The moment I mounted my Fuji point & shoot camera on a tripod. I was immediately approached by a staff member who informed me that professional photos were not allowed without paying a fee. Now I realize that it's private property and it's their right to determine what they deemed is a professional photo shoot or not. Had it been on public property I would have definitely not gone along with that decision. Now mind you my camera gear consisted of a Walmart no-name brand tripod and a used $150.00 used Fuji point & shoot camera. In my humble opinion, it was far from professional. So I reluctantly complied and packed up my gear, but on my way out noticed another photographer with a Canon DSLR taking photos with no protest from the UAF museum staff. So I'm was forced to conclude that the use of  a tripod is the determining factor for a professional photo shoot at the museum. Go figure...

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