World's Biggest Backpack Giveaway 2016

The World's Biggest Backpack Giveaway is one of my favorite events that I cover every year. I started covering the event back in 2014 and is also the launching point for my business hybridmediaconsulting. Up until that point, most of my video and photography work was done primarily for my church and non-profit organizations around the local Fairbank's community. Needless to say, this event is an incredible resource for our community that enriches so many lives each and every year.

The host church of this event North Pole Worship Center and the pastor's Phillip and Teffonie Wyman are also the founders. Pastor Phillip, a former elementary school teacher, recognized the need that some of the student's families that were having trouble maintaining an adequate amount of school supplies throughout the school year. Hence the seed of world's biggest backpack giveaway was planted and have since then been watered by many local sponsors and community organizations. 

I encourage every to please support this incredible resource in any way you can by volunteering your time or services. Our kids are the future of the community and by investing our time and resources in them, our community, in turn, will become stronger. 

World's Biggest Backpack Giveaway recap of this year's event. We also would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers that helped make this year's event a great success.Thank you and we hope to see every again next year!!!