Why Drone Pilots need an Anemometer?

An anemometer is a device used for measuring the speed of the wind, and is also a common weather station instrument. The term is derived from the Greek word anemos, which means wind, and is used to describe any wind speed measurement instrument used in meteorology.
— wikipedia

An anemometer is a very useful tool that should be apart any avid drone pilots should have in their kit. A digital anemometer allows you to check current wind conditions as well as ambient air temperatures at your current location. Now, of course, you can easily check wind and weather conditions with your smartphone or computer prior to flying your drone or you can use the bevy of apps that are available for drone pilots. However, I personally have flown my DJI Mavic Pro in places where there wasn't a good cell phone network connection, which in turn limits the usefulness of any weather or drone apps. Keep in mind that wind conditions can and will change with altitude and a anemometer is only able to measure winds conditions that are close to your current proximity. Anemometer can be purchased for as little as seventeen dollars, which is a very affordable price in comparison to what you will pay for a decent drone. Anyways check out the links below if your interested in adding one to your kit.

 Apps for Drone Pilots