LG V30 Three Months Review...


There are tons of written and video reviews about the LG V30 already. If you're interested in a full breakdown of all the features please refer to the links below. For my review I'm only going to focus on the features that I love the most about the LG V30.

The Camera

The 13mp wide-angle camera on the LG V30 takes amazing photos. There is no need to mess around with cumbersome camera lens attachments that you not only have to attach to your phone.You also have to remember to bring with you.There are so many situations that require a quick response in order to capture the moment, and having a camera that is able to adapt to a rapidly to changing situations is very useful. Have you ever tried to take a photo of a large building or a group of family or friends. More than likely you will find your self walking backward in order to fit everyone or everything in the shot. This is not the case at all with the LG V30. The wide-angle camera lens will capture everything in the scene with ease. The more and more that I use the wide-angle lens on the LG V30, the more I'm convinced that this is a must have feature for me with any of my future smartphone purchases. 



I wouldn't consider my self to be an audiophile. I just have a strong appreciation for high quality music reproduction. And in 2017 we've have seen many flagship smartphones released with out the headphone jack. The LG V30 not only kept the headphone jack, the accompanying quad-dac pre-amplifier insured that no other smartphone could even challenge the superior audio quality of the LG V30. If you listen to most of your music via Bluetooth. No need to worry the LG V30 supports the most recent Qualcomm’s aptX HD Bluetooth codec, which greatly improves audio quality over previous Bluetooth audio standards.


The Video Camera

I was at my son's basketball game and decided to test out the video camera on the LG V30. Now anyone who has ever tried to record video of a high school basketball game, would have experienced the terrible lighting that are in most high school gym's Hence the video quality from the LG V30 did not turn out that great. After the basketball game was looking at some of video that my wife had recorded with her phone and, I noticed that the audio quality from her video was noticeably bad. Poor video quality can usually be forgiven providing the audio is decent. I then began to watch the video taken with the LG V30, and didn't hear any of the audio clipping issues that I heard on my wife's phone. 

The LG V30 boasts DSLR audio recording functions, which is  pretty much unheard of in any other smartphone. The additional audio and video settings on the LG V30, will enable you shoot and record better content with your smartphone in situations that may or may not be in your control. If your a content creator or a vlogger the LG V30 definitely deserves a hard look.    


Wireless Charging 

This one of those conveniences that really don't think you need until you start using it. I found myself using it at my desk as well on my night stand for overnight charging.The LG V30 also has fast wireless charging that which enables even faster wireless charging. 



If your interested in taking photos in manual mode with your  LG V30. Graphy is the app for you. Graphy only works on the LG V30 camera and it allows you to import camera settings kinda like an instagram filter. When you launch graphy you will be presented with various styles of photos taken with the LG V30 camera. You can then import the camera settings that were used to take the photos to your LG V30 camera. If you happen to have selected a photo that didn't quite match up. Graphy will give pointers to help you obtain the correct exposure for the style of photo you selected. Graphy will not only help you take better photos. It will also help you learn the importance of "The Exposure Triangleiso, aperture & shutter speed.


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