Skyreat DJI Mavic Pro/Spark Tablet Holder

It has been four months since l purchased my Dji Mavic Pro. So far it has met and exceeded my expectations. But there is one area that I did have issues with, is when I'm using my cell phone as a display. Don't me wrong I have gotten some fantastic shots using my phone. However, there are plenty of times that I have spent trying to either get proper exposure or not being able to get my screen bright enough when I'm in direct sunlight. I picked inexpensive Samsung 7"galaxy tablet, and shoe honed the tablet into my Mavic pro controller. I was able to solve my small screen and screen brightness issue; I but created a somewhat irritating experience with the way that I now had to position my hands when I am flying my Mavic pro-drone.  

I came across the Skyreat Mavic Pro Tablet Holder, it's light and made of very durable plastic. The tablet clamps are adjustable up to fit up to a 10" tablet and held my tablet very secure. Initially, I was concerned that it would be too uncomfortable to hold, but I didn't have any issues flying at all. So if you have a Dji Mavic or Spark, I highly recommend this tablet holder.