Sirui Mini Tripod Review (3T-35K)

I was at my local camera store checking out some of the latest gear. When I came across the sirui mini tripod. I’ve been looking for a small tripod to use for mobile photography and for time-lapse. 

Immediately I was impressed by the high-quality aluminum build that's not only light it also feels very durable in my hand. It collapses down to a very compact height of about nine inches and has an adjustable ball-head that allows you to quickly position your camera with ease. The robust locking mechanism for the tripod legs makes a very reassuring click sound. Ensuring that your expensive camera gear is not going to flop over and hit the ground. Sirui mini tripod can be used for vlogging and felt quite at home with the weight of my Canon 80D. 
The center section extends out to a total length of about eighteen inches, making it more than adequate to be used for selfies. The center section can also be removed giving it nice low-profile stance that is perfect for macro-photography or low profile photos. All in all for the price and build quality you really can't go wrong and I would highly recommend the sirui mini tripod for your camera gear kit.

My review of probably one of the best mini tripod for vlogging, photography, and videography.