Aeo GoPro Stabiliser

A ton of video is being shot, but poor cinematography and jittery footage make much of it unbearable to watch. That’s why we’re introducing Aeon, the world’s most ergonomic and lightweight filmmaking tool for creating buttery smooth, cinematic GoPro videos. We’re putting an end to boring videos with a robotic handheld stabilizer that keeps your camera steady so you may run, jump and move about freely and still get a perfectly stable shot every time.
— Aeo

Check their Indiegogo page for more information. 

Meet Aeon: An ergonomic authoring tool for creating smooth, cinematic GoPro videos. Pre-order today on Indiegogo! Learn more about the Aetho at

Sun, sand and skate in SoCal. Live the Cali lifestyle. Shot with Aeon for smooth, cinematic GoPro video. No post stabilization used. Pre-order starts early winter on Indiegogo. Join our mailing list at! IG: @aethoco & @aethosk8 Twitter: @aethoco FB: