Google's New Smartphones: Pixel & Pixel XL Camera

As a photographer and Android smartphone owner, the capabilities of the camera means a lot to me. Google announced today their two new smartphones with very promising camera features. The pixel smartphone camera got the highest score for a smartphone camera to date. Now the question is will it be able to perform as promised on a typical day to day usage of an average user. 

Camera Specs 

  • 12.3 MP Camera

  • f/2.0 aperture

  • Smart burst camera

  • +HDR made work in any light conditions

  • Shortest Camera Capture Time

  • Video Stabilization

With an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 89, pixel, the latest Google smartphone, is the highest-rated smartphone camera we have ever tested. Its image quality scores are impressive across the board, but it is particularly strong in providing a very high level of detail from its 12.3MP camera, with relatively low levels of noise for every tested lighting condition. It also provides accurate exposures with very good contrast and white balance, as well as fast autofocus.
The Pixel’s strong scores under a wide range of conditions make it an excellent choice for almost any kind of photography. As with any small-sensor device, results are excellent in conditions with good and uniform lighting. But in addition, images captured indoors and in low light are very good and provide a level of detail unexpected from a smartphone camera. With flash, its auto white balance and detail preservation are excellent, making it suitable for indoor portraits — and even for photographing indoor events as long as there is some additional ambient light to help even out the flash.
— DXoMark
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