DJI Osmo 3 Axis Cellphone Stabilizer

If you're looking to take your cellphone video to the next level, DJI Osmo 3 axis stabilizer is exactly what you need. 

  • ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move.
  • The Osmo Mobile’s 3-axis gimbal system smooths out the movements you make, turning every shot into a cinematic video.
  • With a few taps, the Osmo Mobile motion time-lapse feature shoots a video showing the passing of time.
  • The Osmo Mobile lets you share special moments in real time using YouTube Live inside the DJI GO app.
  • Shoot better photos in low light, with powerful camera stabilization and full manual camera control.
  • The Osmo Mobile’s panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo.
  • Used with its range of accessories, the Osmo Mobile can be mounted almost anywhere, giving you, even more, opportunities to get that perfect shot.
  • Enjoy more than just DJI GO. Osmo Mobile is open for developers to customize.
The perfect way of capturing Hong Kong's moveable feasts is here with the DJI Osmo Mobile. Transform your phone into a smart motion camera to get buttery smooth video of anything from streetfood to three star restaurants. Set it up with ActiveTrack to capture your own home cooking sessions, and easily share with the world, directly from DJI GO.